Knauf Chooses Contractor to Construct New Texas Production Facility

Knauf Insulation Inc. has announced the selection of Crossland Construction as the firm that will build Knauf’s 650,000-square-foot production facility in McGregor, Texas. With a vast portfolio of projects built in Texas and around the Southwest, Crossland emerged as Knauf’s finalist, and construction on the facility will begin on the first of August.

“For over two years, our team worked methodically to identify a general contractor that would build this state-of-the-art facility to suit our specifications and who had an established and respected footprint in Texas,” says Knauf North American CEO Matt Parrish. “The experienced team at Crossland Construction—a family-owned business much like ours—emerged as the most impressive and best fit for this exciting new regional home to Knauf in Central Texas.”

“From the first time our Crossland family met the Knauf family, a mutual respect formed,” says Crossland Construction’s Texas Region Vice President Rocky Hussman.  “Having built many large and complex projects in Texas, I am confident that our team will work tirelessly to construct a place in the McGregor Industrial Park that will meet the production needs of Knauf and stand as a compliment to the beautiful landscape of Central Texas.”

“I am thrilled to work with the great folks at Crossland Construction as we prepare to begin construction,” says Knauf Senior Vice President Kevin McHugh, who will oversee the Central Texas project. “The City of McGregor has done an incredible job preparing Judith Road and a construction entrance off Highway 317 so that our crews can begin moving dirt on this project very quickly. Thank you to McGregor and the local community for your assistance.”

Knauf Insulation is a family-owned global manufacturer of fiberglass insulation that delivers thermal and acoustical solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and OEM applications. Its facility in the city of McGregor will position Knauf Insulation to meet the expanding needs of the building industry in Central Texas for the long-term while supporting the economic expansion to this vibrant community and region. This project represents the company’s first new greenfield project in more than 20 years and will employee nearly 200 workers.

Knauf Insulation expects to open its new Central Texas facility in early 2024. View more information about Knauf Insulation, this project or career opportunities.

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