Kolbe Expands Online Architect Library to Include 3-D Building Information Models

To enhance the user experience, Kolbe has expanded its online Architect Library to include new and updated 3-D Revit building information models (BIM) for Ultra Series and VistaLuxe Collection products. Amongst the new models for the VistaLuxe Collection are the 90-degree corner unit, complementary folding doors and folding windows.

Enhancing the existing models, Kolbe combined many model attributes from separate models into one comprehensive family while reducing the file size. The smaller file size and the improved flexibility within each model makes them easier to use. Users will experience expanded metadata in the models for designing their windows and doors to fit and enhance their projects.

Each Revit product family has been built to eliminate guesswork; built-in parameters ensure the maximum dimensions cannot be exceeded. These Revit families have all the metadata built right in, to schedule powerfully within Revit, right out-of-the-box. Data and resources—like product literature, specifications, energy data, sustainability information and much more—are accessed with a few clicks of the mouse.

All of this built-in data at your fingertips means the models will have all the information necessary to make takeoff and parts lists, generate window and door schedules, installation requirements, estimated costs and readily provide interior elevations and other details as needed.

The Architect Library on Kolbe’s website, provides links to its individual product files in 3-D building information models, as well as compressed bulk files for Ultra Series and VistaLuxe Collection window and door families.

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