Kolbe Ultra Series Beveled Direct Set Achieves HVHZ Certification

Already available with IPD4 impact certification, the Ultra Series beveled direct set from Kolbe Windows & Doors has attained High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) certification in the state of Florida. These units are certified in both single glazed and insulated versions, as well as steel-reinforced and non-reinforced mulls.

“With the building codes of the coastal areas aimed toward preventing excessive damage during tropical storms and hurricanes, Kolbe offers products to meet specific impact resistance needs,” says Cindy Bremer, vice president of marketing at Kolbe Windows & Doors.

Kolbe impact performance products improve air, water and structural ratings or sound transmittance ratings without the need for brackets or visible rods to hold the sash in place. A consistent appearance is maintained over a variety of sizes and configurations. The beveled direct set is custom crafted with Sapele wood and features a Maize exterior, an Ebony-stained interior, and LoE2-270 tempered glass with impact glazing bead.

“Our windows and doors are tested by independent organizations to meet or exceed the building codes of the coastal regions to provide added security and peace of mind,” states Bremer.

For specific information, including configuration and maximum size tested, please visit the website.

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