Laminate Surfaces Available in New Woodgrain Designs

Wilsonart has released nine new woodgrain styles that combine the best of nature with engineering. The collection of dimensional wood-textured laminate surfaces can be combined with matching Edgeband and TFL Panels.

The collection of dimensional wood-textured laminate surfaces (Friston Ash shown here) can be combined with matching Edgeband and TFL Panels.

The collection features a palette designed to work together to create space-defining, complementary looks. These new additions to the company’s commercial HPL line offer endless coordination potential with Wilsonart’s ecosystem of products, including High Pressure Laminate, Solid Surface and Quartz. This allows for spaces within commercial interiors to maintain individual looks while providing an overall harmonious effect.

This connectedness can also contribute to a space’s ability to restore and replenish the wellbeing of those who utilize it. Soothingly authentic finishes, including the new low-sheen, dimensional Ridgewood, ultra-realistic matte Timbergrain and Aligned Oak provide natural visual elements that create serene and comfortable settings.

Wilsonart’s high-performing non-porous HPL surfaces withstand the most rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols. HPL requires minimal upkeep to maintain its appearance, even with long-term daily use. AEON Enhanced Performance Technology provides up to 24 times wear, 20 times impact, four times the scuff-resistance and better fade-resistance than wood veneers. Wilsonart Antimicrobial Protection is built into the laminate surface to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Antimicrobial Protection is included in Wilsonart HD Laminate and available upon request in Wilsonart Premium and Standard grade HPL. The silver ion antimicrobial agent is registered with the EPA.

Available now, the new Commercial HPL “Nature/Nurture” collection includes a range of finishes with natural variations, realistic ticking, and ridged linear woodgrain effects in a variety of wood species engineered to exceed nature’s wildest expectations.

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