LED Cove Lighting System Offers Shadow-Free Lighting

LED Cove Lighting System delivers light to architectural features and surfaces.

LED Cove Lighting System delivers light to architectural features and surfaces.

The LC32 LED cove Lighting System offers a combination of scale, performance, and control to create lighting effects.

With a system of low powered LEDs, the LC32 delivers light to architectural features and surfaces. Equipped with an integral dimmable driver, two lumen packages, and four color temperatures, the LC32 can be tailored to the application while keeping energy consumption at a minimum.

In addition, LC32’s design offers shadow free lighting for illumination effects over long distances and solves the problem of fluorescent socket shadows. The LC32 is affordable, and the low maintenance design carries a 50,000 hour rated system life.

With a range of features, the LC32 offers performance with flexibility. Its compact construction, low energy consumption, and powerful lumen packages make it a linear lighting design tool that extends its use beyond cove lighting.

Key features:

  • An integral driver reduces installation costs.
  • Quick connect feature. Male and female connectors snap together to create run lengths up to 100 feet.
  • Light level 1 achieves 750 lumens per foot, which enhances architectural details, while light level 2 offers 1300 lumens per foot providing enough light to illuminate a space with indirect light.
  • The LC32 offers applications that give the lighting designer a design tool limited only by their creativity to achieve lighting for wall wash, floating surface, backlit, display or typical cove accents.

With an emerging market in LED linear products, the LC32 sets apart from others. Rather than using LED chips spaced far apart, the LC32 uses LED chips spaced very closely together and in multiple rows. The end result is illumination across a surface without a noticeable color shift. Three pre-set aiming settings are field adjustable and allow for flexibility. Choose from 0-degree, 15-degree or 30-degree tilt to direct light exactly where you want it. ELV (line voltage) and 0-10 volt dimming options are available, providing flexibility in the smart building environment.

The LC32 is offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K CCT and comes with a color rendering index of 85+ to compliment any décor.

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