LED Downlighting Modules

Lithonia Lighting P Series LED Downlighting Modules from Acuity Brands Inc. offer increased energy savings, long life and flexibility. The P Series LED Downlighting Modules have a bar-setting efficacy of 70 lumens per watt, which is more than 86 percent more efficient than incandescent luminaires. They are designed for general-purpose lighting in residential and light-commercial applications. P Series LED Downlighting Modules use advanced Center2Edge technology to dim seamlessly from full illumination, creating the look and feel of a single-point source. Center2Edge technology triggers the module’s LED board to act like an incandescent point source while dimming. With a wide area of distribution, P Series LED Downlighting Modules can illuminate a room or hallway and are wet listed for use in bathrooms and areas subject to water exposure.

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