LED Driver and Tuning App Are Updated

Universal Douglas has updated to two key products—the Value Series Gen 2 LED Drivers and an iOS-version of Touch to Tune app. 

Value Series Gen 2 LED Drivers

The Value Series Gen 2 LED Drivers are an upgraded version of the Gen 1 Drivers and have three wattage levels—26W, 836W and 46W. All drivers offer four selectable output currents including 0-10V dimming with 10 percent minimum dim.

The new Value Series Gen 2 LED Driver.

The Linear Drivers will be paired with various Universal Douglas module families. This paired solution will be able to achieve high system efficiency due to the small output voltage range. The high efficiency and value design will allow Universal Douglas to provide a competitive solution to an OEM designing luminaires for our integrated control systems.

Touch to Tune App Available on Apple’s iOS

Universal Douglas’ Touch to Tune app, which provides immediate tuning for replacement of LED drivers in the field, is now available on Apple’s iOS.  The Touch to Tune app allows the user to quickly identify the driver needed for replacement, and then program (or “tune”) a replacement PW or PWX LED driver to the optimal output current to match other drivers in the same space.

Universal Douglas offers the drivers for this solution covering a comprehensive range of can sizes from compact to linear and outdoor. The drivers are UL Class P listed, and available in 20, 30, 55, 80, and 180-Watt power levels. TheTouch to Tune app allows installers to easily identify the driver needed, and distributors to stock the most commonly chosen drivers to provide access to a local over-the-counter tuning solution. Users of the Touch to Tune app will be able to program the output current, dimming level, dimming curve, full bright control voltage, minimum dim control voltage and dim-to-off voltage.

LED Drivers are an emerging replacement market opportunity for distributors. 

Universal Douglas’ Touch to Tune app is now available for free on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS and can be downloaded.  

Universal Douglas is one of the only manufacturer and provider of both commercial lighting and controls solutions, giving customers all that they need under the same roof. Whether a business needs a simple standalone fixture or a complex multi-building controls system, Universal Douglas can supply, customize and fully network your lighting system with one of the industry’s widest range of fixtures, retrofit kits and control systems.

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