LED Lighting Products Improve Hotel’s Bottom Line while Maintaining Guest Satisfaction

EarthTronics LED lighting products offer quality and efficiency.

EarthTronics LED lighting products offer quality and efficiency.

Sometimes simple changes can make a big impact on the hotels bottom line. Even changing the light bulbs.
Located near the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and in close proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment, the GreenTree Inn & Suites Phoenix Sky Harbor faces competition from all the chains with more than 40 hotels in the area.

The 106 guest room GreenTree Inn & Suites was built in 2007 and renovated in 2013 to maintain the spacious guest rooms with modern conveniences, including 42-inch HD flat screen TVs, microwave and refrigerator and upgraded Wi-Fi throughout the entire facility. The hotel features an outdoor heated pool and spa, modern fitness center, as well as meeting space, guest laundry facilities and handicapped accessible rooms.

“Improving the bottom line and improving hotel operations while maintaining guest satisfaction and comfort is always a challenge,” said Bleu Petty, general manager for the GreenTree. “We are always looking for opportunities to improve our property without creating a negative impact to our guests.”

After investigating potential areas to reduce operational costs, the GreenTree Phoenix Sky Harbor Team met with Don Bartelt, senior energy advisor for EE Pros, a specialty LED Lighting provider based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Energy Efficiency Pros focuses on providing products and solutions for high-lighting volume applications.

Easy Switch to LEDs and Energy Savings

Bartelt assessed GreenTree’s lighting situation through a no cost energy audit. The key to EE Pros energy audit is the savings report and multi-phase retrofit program. Bartelt was determined to work with the hotels existing operation to generate the fastest payback and most applicable use of LED lighting technology. He found that the hotel was utilizing compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in its common areas and rooms, which were Energy Star rated, but not really efficient. The CFLs had a six-month performance life at the hotel.

Although CFLs are more efficient than the incandescent bulbs, CFLs do not offer the benefits of LED lamps. EarthTronics LEDs are energy-efficient over their life span. When choosing a specific LED product for a lighting application, selection is based upon many factors.

After his assessment, Bartelt recommended replacing 1,850 40 watt CFLs with 7 watt A-bulb LEDs in the guest rooms and replacing 50 of the 65 watt BR30 used in downlight applications with 9 watt BR30 LEDs from EarthTronics. The BR30 LED is rated to last 25,000 hours, 10 times longer than the CFLs they replaced. Just as important, the LEDs maintained the light levels and offer a comfortable hotel environment. “We recommended the EarthTronics LED lighting products because of their quality and efficiency over the long life of their product” stated Don Bartlett.

To pay for the LEDs, EE Pros arranged for the Salt River Project rebate to pay for the lamps, which lowered the energy consumption on the local electricity grid.

“By changing the light source to LEDs,” said Petty, “we save more than 80 percent of our energy cost related to lighting. Plus, we reduce maintenance time since we won’t have to change the lighting for five years. This allows us to concentrate on our guests rather than worrying about changing light bulbs.” The move also aligns with the GreenTree brands goal to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

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