LED A-line Lamp Shipments Continue to Increase

NEMA has reported that LED A-line lamps continue to grow, accounting for 32.4 percent of the market in third quarter 2016, and posting a 124.2 percent increase in shipments compared to 3Q 2015. They posted a 65.1 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in the third quarter of 2016 compared to the previous quarter. Halogen, incandescent, and CFLs all posted a quarter-to-quarter decrease, 7.5 percent, 17.2 percent, and 12.8 percent respectively. Incandescent lamp shipments showed a 5.6 percent increase in 3Q 2016 compared to 3Q 2015 while halogen and CFLs posted an 11 percent and 53.9 percent decrease for the same time period.

Halogen A-line lamps account for 44.5 percent of the consumer lamp market in 3Q 2016. CFLs captured 13.2 percent of the 3Q 2016 consumer lamp market and incandescents 10 percent. Incandescent A-line lamps largely consist of 15W and 25W lamps.

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