LED Replaces Directional Hand Lamps and Drop Lights

Larson Electronics' Magnalight LED-A19-10-E26Larson Electronics' Magnalight LED-A19-10-E26

Larson Electronics' Magnalight LED-A19-10-E26

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight LED-A19-10-E26

Larson Electronics is making it easier than ever for companies or families who want to begin the transition to LED lighting with their 10 watt Directional LED light bulb. When replacing burned-out bulbs to LEDs or direct replacement, the new Magnalight LED-A19-10-E26 is designed to fit in standard light bulb sockets but provides durability and multi color adjustability that makes it ideal for industrial and commercial applications. This 10 watt LED provides 1050 lumens from only 10 watts.

The LED-A19-10-E26 is the ideal upgrade or replacement for directional hand lamps and drop lights. This bulb produces nearly 20 percent more light at 5 feet than a standard 100 watt rough service bulb. Combined with a “cool white” color output, this bulb is ideal for improving the light output of hand lamps, drop lights, and other standard incandescent lighting within industrial or residential applications. Operators will also benefit from the cool operation of portable lighting equipped with LED bulbs, and can stop burning themselves and others with incandescent versions of the same lights.

The base is the same screw in base that the standard light bulb will have in the US and Europe. You can use this LED light bulb in a standard lamp in your home and install it in seconds. However, given the durability and longevity, we also see this LED light bulb as an ideal solution for industrial and commercial applications. As such, this LED light bulb can provide additional safety measures and time savings; given the low heat production and that it does not require replacing for 50,000 hours. Since the LED bulb uses solid state technology, the vibration that degrades conventional incandescent bulbs is not an issue with these LED bulbs.


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