LED RetroFit Kit Offers Enhanced Daisy Chain Capability

Litetronics International Inc. expands its LED RetroFit Kit family by offering new products and enhancements.

Litetronics International Inc. expands its LED RetroFit Kit family by offering new products and enhancements.

Litetronics International Inc. has announced the expansion of its LED RetroFit Kit family, a broad line of products that upgrade all types of fluorescent fixtures to LED technology in as little as three minutes. Specifically, the 1-foot-by-4-foot portion of Litetronics’ total RetroFit Kit family now features new products and enhancements such as increased lumen output and enhanced daisy chain capability, making products eligible for use in a wider range of applications.

Adding to its line of 32 Watt 1-foot-by-4-foot LED RetroFit Kits, Litetronics’ new 16 and 45 Watt RetroFit Kits address the market’s broad range of ceiling heights and applications, with their 16 Watt one-tube products offering a way to upgrade fixtures using slim-line fluorescent tubes and their 45 Watt products offering lumen outputs comparable to many T8 and T12 High Output fluorescent tubes. All of these high-efficiency products drive reductions in energy consumption while minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring color consistency between fixtures.

While all of the Litetronics LED RetroFit Kits enable the conversion of a single fixture from fluorescent to LED technology in minutes, the connectability enhancements now available within Litetronics’ 1-foot-by-4-foot RetroFit Kit family further reduce installation time per fixture by simplifying in-line installations, an advantage that’s appealing in large retail, cove lighting, and manufacturing strip fixture installations. Installers can electrically link more RetroFits from one power source – chaining together up to 36 one-tube 16 Watt RetroFit Kits, 12 two-tube 45 Watt RetroFit Kits, or 18 32 Watt RetroFit Kits (up from the 9 that could be chained together with the previous-generation 32 Watt RetroFits). The ability to directly daisy-chain more RetroFit products reduces installation time by eliminating the need to have each fixture wired into the branch power.

Litetronics’ expanded 1-foot-by-4-foot RetroFit line also includes accessories such as 8-inch and 4-foot direct jumper cables, which provide the flexibility to address curves and gaps in
the lighting layout. The single-tube 16 Watt 1-foot-by-4-foot RetroFit Kit delivers 2,200 lumens while the 45 Watt 1-foot-by-4-foot RetroFit Kit delivers 6,300 lumens.

All of the products in Litetronics’ 1-foot-by-4-foot, 2-foot-by-2-foot and 2-foot-by-4-foot RetroFit Kit families are available in 3500, 4000, and 5000 Kelvin color temperatures, offer an 85,000-hour rated life, feature earth magnets to secure the product in place during installation, and carry a 7-year warranty.

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