LED Reuses the Original Housing of the Existing Troffer

Orion Energy Systems' LED Door Retrofit (LDR)Orion Energy Systems' LED Door Retrofit (LDR)

Orion Energy Systems' LED Door Retrofit (LDR)

Orion Energy Systems’ LED Door Retrofit (LDR)

Orion Energy Systems has launched a complete suite of LED Door Retrofit (LDR) products. The LDR is an energy-efficient LED retrofit that is completely assembled within the door frame.

The Orion LDR system reuses the original housing of the existing troffer, installs quickly, requiring virtually no tools for an energy-efficient retrofit. Considering that there are an estimated 964 million troffers currently in the U.S. lighting market, the potential economic and environmental impact of the LDR is remarkable.

The Orion LDR system offers the following significant advantages:

  • The innovative Orion LDR can be retrofit into existing fluorescent troffers within minutes with no disruption to ceiling tiles and no need to remove existing fixtures.
  • The LDR can reduce a company’s energy consumption by up to 70 percent.
  • Compared to fluorescent technology, the LDR system decreases costs associated with maintenance, freeing up maintenance teams to focus on tasks other than light bulb replacement.
  • The LDR provides a volumetric, even-distribution of light with quality color rendering and is available in multiple color temperatures to accommodate end-user needs. Compared to fluorescent lighting, the LDR system generates less heat and, therefore, has a positive impact on HVAC requirements.
  • At the end of its long life LED technology is a less hazardous waste product making it safer to recycle than traditional fluorescent lamps.

The Orion LDR product suite, proudly manufactured in Manitowoc, Wis., is designed to retrofit most existing 2- by 2-foot and 2- by 4-foot fluorescent troffers and is available in a variety of lens styles, wattages and color temperatures.


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