LED Tubes Serve as a Direct Replacement for Linear Fluorescent Lamps

Universal’s LED Linear T8 TubesUniversal’s LED Linear T8 Tubes

Universal’s LED Linear T8 Tubes

Universal’s LED Linear T8 Tubes

Universal Lighting Technologies introduces LED replacement options as they continue to expand the EVERLINE family, including T8 LED Linear Tubes, “LED Ready” compatible ballasts and the EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit. The newer products in the family are EVERLINE T8 LED Tubes—designed to serve as a direct replacement for conventional linear fluorescent lamps. The tubes are universally compatible with most Instant Start and Programmed Start ballasts.

Featuring efficacy, light outputs are available from 1,000 lumens for 24-inch lamps to 2200 Lumens for 48-inch lamps, and even greater savings is available with an 1,800 lumen option. The tubes are easy to install and offer less maintenance than traditional fluorescent with a 50,000-plus hour lifetime at L70. The lamps offer excellent light quality with a CRI of 82+ and correlated color temperatures of 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. A seamless glass design ensures no aging, discoloration or bowing from aging plastic tubes. The wide 240-degree beam angle eliminates dark zones ensuring uniformity and accuracy of light output.

The EVERLINE LED Tubes are UL listed for use in the U.S. and Canada. The products are also listed on the DesignLights Consortium QPL, making them qualified for many utility rebate programs.

The T8 LED replacement lamps offer more than 30 percent immediate energy savings and installation ease.

In addition to expanding the EVERLINE line with the T8 LED tubes, Universal is making the ballast compatibility selection process easier. An easy-to-identify “LED Ready” emblem will be displayed on packaging to identify compatibility with the LED lamps. The LED T8 Tubes and the “LED Ready” ballasts together offer a bundled solution for replacement of older fluorescent lamp/ballast systems.

A third LED replacement option from Universal includes replacing the lamps and ballast with Universal’s EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit. This kit was introduced last year and features two lensed LED modules and a driver.


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