Legrand Delivers Keynote on Corporate Energy Savings at Better Buildings Summit

Legrand North and Central America President and CEO John Selldorff has delivered a keynote presentation at the 2018 Better Buildings Summit in Cleveland. His comments focused on the importance of corporate energy savings technologies, programs, and best practices, with cost analysis based on real-word successes.

“Regardless of which sector any of us may identify with, we all definitely have one thing in common,” explains Selldorff. “We all look to uncover ways to save energy, not only to flow the related cost savings to our bottom line, but also to achieve many other benefits that come from reducing the energy intensity of our operations.”

While many businesses have some form of energy awareness, Selldorff challenges managers to imagine if they were required to cut energy intensity in half. How hard would that be? How would an organization begin the journey?

By citing examples of current reduction efforts within Legrand facilities and with customers around the globe, Selldorff shared experiences and insights that improve energy performance within organizations in three key ways:

  • How to make energy reduction a top C-level priority
  • How to avoid overcomplicating the process
  • How to leverage the non-financial benefits of corporate energy savings

Selldorff outlined why it’s just as important for organizations to monitor energy expenditures as it is to pay attention to wages, facility costs, R&D expenditures and any of the other major categories that are tracked.

“It’s critical to find a way to elevate the importance of energy savings in the eyes of upper management,” says Selldorff. “Energy reductions must be put in the context of other major considerations. There’s as much savings opportunity in energy as there is in almost every other category.”

During his speech Selldorff also announced a pledge from Legrand to cut the energy use across its U.S. facilities by 13 percent over the next five years, on top of the 50 percent reduction the company has already achieved since 2011.

The Better Buildings Summit is one of the events for energy professionals to engage with one another and explore and share innovative strategies, emerging technologies, financing trends, and more. This year, the Summit is held with DOE’s annual Energy Exchange, focused on federal facility energy management, to provide greater access to technical discussions and training while also providing panel sessions, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities.

For more information about the Better Buildings Summit please visit the website.

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