Legrand North and Central America Publishes White Paper Highlighting High Performance Buildings

Legrand North and Central America has released its latest in a series of white papers examining the High Performance Buildings (HPBs) movement. The white paper, entitled, “Next Generation High Performance Buildings: The Critical Role of Electrical and Digital Infrastructure,” outlines the forces driving change in the built environment and how HPBs are experiencing a shift in performance goals in response to issues such as IoT and the availability of connected products.

The white paper marks the fifth in a series and describes the fundamental role of electrical and digital infrastructure in optimizing building performance across major performance attributes. In developing this series of whitepapers, Legrand seeks to drive dialogue, highlight key industry trends and advance the understanding of HPBs.

“We believe these white papers can serve as an educational resource in this continuously evolving market,” states Susan Rochford, vice president, energy efficiency, sustainability & public policy, Legrand North and Central America. “We are entering a period in which the opportunities for HPBs are greater than before because of new technologies creating higher levels of efficiency and more information for users to utilize in understanding the overall performance of a building.”

The white paper focuses on the importance of the intentional design of electrical and digital infrastructure (EDI) in building performance early in the design phase. Without the pre-planning, construction projects may miss opportunities to innovate and provide for long-term flexibility of the facility. Today, commercial buildings contain advanced electrical systems that deliver power, light and data. Digital Infrastructure is integrated into these electrical systems to provide a platform for information exchange. When properly addressed, EDI can enhance current and future building performance in the areas of functionality and flexibility, occupant health and productivity, safety, resilience and security, and sustainability and energy efficiency.

Visit here to access the latest white paper from Legrand.

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