Leviton Donates to Superstorm Sandy Cleanup

Leviton has announced a donation of $10,000 to the American Red Cross to support the Superstorm Sandy relief effort. The relief efforts are particularly poignant for Leviton because the company has called Long Island home for the past century and has seen firsthand the devastating toll that the storm took on many of its neighbors and employees.

“The devastation of Hurricane Sandy directly affected many Leviton employees, and we are genuinely proud of the actions that our company has taken to step up and help friends, neighbors and coworkers in need,” says Don Hendler, president and CEO of Leviton. “As a family-owned company, Leviton has fostered a culture that takes pride in helping our community. We feel strongly it is our responsibility to support those volunteer organizations providing direct aid to those most affected by Hurricane Sandy.”

In addition to its support of the American Red Cross Sandy relief efforts, Leviton has rallied its workforce to assist those hit hardest by the storm. Leviton’s efforts include a hurricane-relief fundraiser to collect necessary non-perishable supplies for areas, such as Long Beach, Oceanside, Breezy Point/Rockaway, as well as offers employees carpooling and laundry/dry cleaning services, helping those who continue to be without access to these services at home.

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