Leviton Partners with Alarm.com for Z-Wave Lighting Controls

Leviton has partnered with Alarm.com as an approved provider of certain Z-Wave lighting controls for Alarm.com installations. Homeowners can automate lights and devices connected to Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave dimmers, switches and plug-ins through any compatible Alarm.com panel or controller. In addition, the Alarm.com app provides single-point access to control the Leviton Z-Wave Plus connected lights or devices individually from any location.

The following Leviton Z-Wave Decora Smart dimmers, switches and plug-ins are available as an upgrade to Alarm.com compatible security panels and controllers (all firmware versions). Compatible products include:

  • Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave 600W Dimmer, part number DZ6HD
  • Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave 15A Switch, part number DZ15S
  • Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave Plug-In Dimmer, part number DZPD3
  • Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave Plug-In Outlet, part number DZPA1

In addition to automating lights and devices with an Alarm.com panel or controller, homeowners can pair Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave devices with 3-way or multiple location remote devices, such as the Leviton Decora Digital/Decora Smart Matching Switch Remote DD0SR or Matching Dimmer Remote DD00R.

“Now, homeowners with Alarm.com connected homes in North America can add Leviton dimmers, switches, and smart plugs to their installations for time-based schedules and remote access,” says Tom Morgan, director, product management for Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation. “Leviton’s Z-Wave partnership with Alarm.com is important as it allows us to combine efforts with a leading platform in millions of homes to continue providing the best lighting control system experience with our devices.”

“Our integration with Leviton opens up additional lighting options for property owners as well as security, builder and multifamily partners,” says Shawn Barry, vice president of strategic sales at Alarm.com. “Automatically turning Leviton Z-Wave Plus connected devices on and off as part of the security system actions or through a single-tap schedule in the Alarm.com app gives users greater control of their home and more peace of mind at home and away.”

As two nationally recognized smart technology brands, Leviton and Alarm.com are committed to unifying professionally-installed security and automation for the end-user via a single app, accommodating current and future trends in smart home technology. Integrators, electrical contractors, and security installers may purchase Decora Smart products, including the upcoming smart receptacles, from their preferred distributor and authorized Leviton retailers.

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