LG Electronics’ Wireless LED Troffers Qualify for Rebates

LED lighting manufacturer LG Electronics announced that its new wireless LED troffers are now qualified for rebates under the Massachusetts “Mass Save” retrofit program, designed to help commercial customers and facility managers replace aging, inefficient equipment with energy-efficient alternatives.

Through electric program administrators and utility program managers in Massachusetts, commercial building owners can receive significant Mass Save utility rebates for installing the new, super-efficient LG lighting systems:

  • LG’s Sensor Connect LED wireless troffer is eligible for rebates of up to $150 per fixture through a combination of rebates “88C” and “63A.”
  • LG’s Simple Choice troffer (without integral controls) is eligible for rebates “88A” and “88B” for $70 and $85 per fixture, respectively.

“LG’s exciting wireless troffer introduction is just what the market is demanding and in fact is very timely in light of significant utility incentives and strict energy code requirements,” says Robert Quintal, president of LFE and LFD Solutions, which trains energy service companies (ESCOs) and electric distributors on leading-edge products. “New, upgraded, efficient LED lighting systems that combine embedded intelligence and simple plug-and-play setup and controls mean a savings ‘home run’ for all stakeholders.”

LG’s LED troffers with wireless capabilities are designed for small- and medium-sized office applications. Building managers can use a mobile application, available on Android devices, to group and ungroup fixtures at the touch of a button for the first time.

They offer an integrated daylight and occupancy sensor with three levels of system integration, including stand-alone, group control, and third-party wireless controls using ZigBee open standard protocol. This minimizes concerns over the flexibility required to create a network of troffers that work together within a lighting control system. LG’s Sensor Connect technology also provides customizable light levels, allowing for greater energy savings and flexibility in fixture management.

“LG is committed to addressing the needs of the commercial market with advanced LED technologies, and having our products eligible within this rebate program makes them an even more attractive solution for the growing number of retrofit projects,” says Sean Lafferty, head of LG’s U.S. LED lighting business. “LG’s troffers are among the most energy efficient and feature an aesthetically pleasing lighting design, and we look forward to meeting the needs of even more commercial customers across the country as similar rebate programs emerge in other states.”

LG troffers eligible for the retrofit rebates are now available for purchase through Massachusetts’ energy program administrators.

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