Lighting Retrofit Software Provides Accurate Method to Collect Data and Produce Proposals

After evaluating various audit and retrofit software options, Graybar selects SnapCount to increase the speed, efficiency, and win rate of retrofit projects.

After evaluating various audit and retrofit software options, Graybar selects SnapCount to increase the speed, efficiency, and win rate of retrofit projects.

When Graybar saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growth in the LED retrofit industry, they began to evaluate solutions to increase efficiency and win rate. With a team of more than 120 lighting representatives covering the U.S., Graybar knew that a method of collecting facility data and producing a professional proposal was needed.

After an evaluation of various audit and retrofit software options, Graybar selected SnapCount to increase speed, efficiency, and the win rate of retrofit projects, all while giving the customer a view of the entire retrofit value proposition.

The Problem

As Graybar began to assess and retrofit facilities, they realized they were limited in the speed and accuracy of their assessments, and their ability to generate proposals to complete more projects. This limit was due in part to the collection method Graybar was using at the time, usually spreadsheets.

The Solution

Knowing a retrofit software platform would provide a method for their retrofits, Graybar began to search for an alternative lighting retrofit software. Graybar had significant requirements when evaluating a new software solution for their retrofit activities. These requirements included:

  • An ease of use and adoption for specialists to assess buildings and fixtures
  • A software with the ability to take photos to allow novice auditors to assess buildings and enter floor plans in the platform with ease
  • All-encompassing proposals providing both financial and physical retrofit details
  • Multiple platform support (iPad, Android tablet)
  • The ability to take pictures and associate them to a particular area or fixture

Graybar was referred to SnapCount in 2015. After a six- month process evaluating the above requirements, Graybar selected SnapCount as their software for retrofit projects. Graybar selected SnapCount due to its comprehensive proposals, as well as ease of use in an end-to-end setting, from assessment through implementation. SnapCount allowed Graybar representatives to collect fixture, location and condition information on multiple tablet platforms, such as iPad and Android, and enabled less experienced assessors to collect photos of fixtures to associate them to a particular area or fixture for subsequent off-site reference.


With the integration of SnapCount into their assessment, quotation and proposal activities, Graybar increased their overall project win rate by 25 percent. This was due in part to an increase in the speed of assessments and ability to produce a proposal in a timely manner. Using SnapCount, Grabar personnel could perform assessments that collected more detail in less time, providing a competitive advantage.

With the use of proposals generated within SnapCount, Graybar turned pages of text into visuals, which helped to convey financial savings and justify the retrofit project. The layout provided an easy-to-digest document for the building owner and allowed for the reader to better follow the entire scope of project from fixture details, areas, floor plans, and terms and conditions. Overall, the SnapCount proposal created a format where the reader could wrap their head around a complex retrofit project with ease. And, the software facilitated a Graybar-centric proposal format tailored to target customer verticals.

Graybar Reaction

Given the growth of the energy retrofit industry and increased demand, the Graybar team was pleased with the results received with SnapCount software. “SnapCount provides us with an easier model to quickly and intuitively assess buildings and fixtures. SnapCount provided us with increased speed and efficiency, which has led to more complete projects and at least a 25 percent improvement in project win rate”, says Steve LoJacono, lighting business development manager at Graybar. “SnapCount has eliminated any need for a paper-based facility assessment through its data gathering and mapping/pinpointing. It’s all of our assessment and retrofit information in one place, one platform.”


With the aid of SnapCount, Graybar is positioned to support customers and win more projects with improved proposals.

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