Linear LED Supports Run Lengths of More than 100 Feet

Tempo Industries' C7100/HU High Uniformity SeriesTempo Industries' C7100/HU High Uniformity Series

Tempo Industries' C7100/HU High Uniformity Series

Tempo Industries’ C7100/HU High Uniformity Series

Tempo Industries has added a new addition to the CLiP C71 high performance linear LED product family: the C7100/HU High Uniformity Series. The new offering joins the original C7100. The C7100/HU is shipped in pre-assembled lengths up to 8 feet, supports run lengths of over 100 feet and delivers up to 875 lumens/foot of high quality light at CCTs from 2700-5000K.

The C7100/HU High Uniformity Series incorporates enhanced emitter placement and high-uniformity/high-efficiency optics that eliminate the specular glare of point-source LED emitters, increasing user comfort where the luminaire’s aperture is within the occupants’ standard visual field. The C7100/HU’s continuous band of light makes it especially suitable for lower mounting heights often found in office and retail spaces. With CCT options of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 5000K, the linear luminaires are configurable with outputs ranging from 625 to 875 lumens/foot, and deliver LM-79 verified system efficacies of up to 77 lumens/watt. Backed by Tempo’s “All In” 5-year parts and replacement labor warranty, the C7100/HU will deliver 90+% lumen maintenance at 86,000 hours (equivalent to 9.8 years at 24 hours by 365 days per year).

Proper component selection and careful thermal design results in high lumen maintenance which substantially reduces the required initial foot-candle requirements for a space. When compared to the initial levels necessary to compensate for previous technologies’ L70 type of re-lamping cycles, this adjustment alone opens the door to additional energy savings.

Enabled by the CLiP C71 product family architecture, the C7100/HU High Uniformity Series features an efficient 3-inch-wide by 3.2-inch-high profile that provides multiple adjustable installation options including direct-to-ceiling mounts, suspension point eyelets or standard-threaded stem mounts. 12-foot spans can be supported on as few as two suspension points with the C7100/HU supporting maximum run lengths of over 100 feet from a single power feed, which substantially reduces building wiring and labor costs. The modular design combines an extruded raceway housing with individual light engines which employ variable spacing to allow a number of options in per-foot output. This configurability allows optimization of lighting levels throughout sections of a facility without requiring changes to luminaire appearance, mounting systems or power feeds. The C7100/HU is available now for ordering with standard lead times.

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