Live Camera Integration Aids Remote Collaboration

EarthCam has introduced live camera integration capabilities to aid remote collaboration and upgrade building information modelling (BIM) practices for the construction industry.

Teams can collaborate and view live camera stream overlays synched with their models.
Teams can collaborate and view live camera stream overlays synched with their models.

With EarthCam’s Control Center 8 (version 8.65) integration, either live or recorded video streams from construction cameras with can be incorporated with model overlays. Teams can now collaborate and view live camera stream overlays synched with their models. If the live camera view is moved or zoomed in on architectural details, the alignment is updated, and vice-versa. This live camera integration is now an option for all EarthCam’s clients.

A number of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) teams are already using EarthCam’s camera systems to synch high quality imagery with their BIM environments. Turner Construction, Hunter Roberts and a number of other companies are already using EarthCam’s toolset to organize actionable data and make decisions.

EarthCam has also introduced Direct Align, a feature for EarthCam’s VR Site Tour software for 360 degree jobsite walkthroughs. Direct Align adds a new level of control for image comparison against 3D/4D models. EarthCam’s AI-driven ability to align jobsite camera and 360 degree images with associated BIM models is already unique, and Direct Align augments this with a manual image alignment option for a greater degree of control to take on challenging image comparison and overlay tasks. Super-imposed virtual x-rays of work in progress, and timeline navigations now can isolate critical events during a project with even more precision.

Harnessing live data sources and placing them within BIM models to merge the as-designed with the as-built streamlines management of schedules and answers questions about clashes in near real time even for remote teams.

The construction industry demands that technology companies collaborate to reduce friction and to create comprehensive integrated solutions to support successful project management. These types of multifaceted, collaborative ways of organizing actionable information are set to become the new norm for VDC teams. EarthCam’s integration with Autodesk builds on partnerships that the company maintains with other industry software leaders such as Procore, PlanGrid, Rubicon and Triax to serve the construction industry with valuable solutions.

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