LSI Industries Plans to Reorganize Operations to Better Serve Customers’ Needs

LSI Industries Inc. announced that it will reorganize operations to better serve customers’ needs across market verticals with integrated business solutions.

The alignment with customer needs will offer strategic markets:

  • One source for solutions designed to enhance retail and commercial environments.
  • Coordinated lighting, graphic and technology products and services, including new product development, to advance functionality and performance.
  • Approaches for developing, implementing and maintaining the customer experience in the physical environment.

“Over the years, LSI has grown with solutions for retail and commercial environments, from products to support brand image programs, such as graphics and lighting, to technology solutions to increase engagement, like digital signage, controls, proximity marketing and analytics. All of these products and services, as well as market expertise, are converging to help clients implement and maintain the customer experience in the built environment like never before. And now, these implementations can be achieved with one source and one streamlined solution,” says Crawford Lipsey, president & COO LSI Industries.

As part of the reorganization effort to streamline services and deliver the full scope of its capabilities to customers, LSI is:

  • Merging operations, including leadership, sales, marketing and product development functions, previously segmented by product type (lighting, graphics & technology), around key markets and customers.
  • Introducing a new chief commercial officer role, which will be responsible for leading its total sales organization and market channels for all LSI products and services. This role will be assumed by Jeff Croskey, who has served as president of the LSI graphics segment since 2015.
  • Launching a search for a chief marketing officer, a new role for the company, to implement marketing strategies and communications that supports customers’ evolving needs, and will include leadership of new product development.
  • Naming a senior VP of product development & management who will oversee development of all lighting,
    graphic and technology products to ensure maximum optimization of integrated solutions for customers.

Ron Brown, CEO of LSI Industries comments, “We are committed to becoming more focused on our customers’ needs
through changes in how we service the customer as well as investments in right fit emerging technologies and offerings. Packaging and delivering the full scope of LSI capabilities, including technology, products and services, as one, coordinated operation, will allow us to create further value for our customers.”

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