Lumenpulse Announces Leadership Roles

Lumenpulse Group Inc. has appointed Tim Berman as president and chief operating officer and Lance Howitt as chief marketing officer of Lumenpulse Group Inc., effective immediately. François-Xavier Souvay will continue his role as CEO of Lumenpulse Group.

“I am very excited to have Mr. Berman and Mr. Howitt join our executive team to help continue the success of the Lumenpulse Group and help lead us to the achievement of our five-year plan and beyond,” Souvay says. “In their new roles, both will continue to provide critical input into setting the strategic direction of the Group and to maximize the potential of each of our brands.”

Reporting directly to Souvay, Berman will oversee all aspects of all the Lumenpulse Group brands and work closely with Souvay to develop and manage the strategic plan for the Lumenpulse Group.

Berman most recently served as the president of Fluxwerx Illumination Inc., which he co-founded in 2011 and which became part of the Lumenpulse family in 2016. Berman was awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016 and the ACG Dealmaker of the Year Award for corporate achievement. With more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, Berman combines strategic acumen with financial and operational experience, along with technical and innate leadership abilities.

“Tim’s ability to inspire and lead allowed him—in a remarkably short period of time—to drive Fluxwerx from an innovative startup with no revenue five years ago to a brand that today generates multi-millions in both revenue and earnings,” Souvay says. “Fluxwerx has catapulted to be a clear leader in the North American lighting market. We are excited to have him take on a global role for the Lumenpulse Group and to see the next level of growth with the company.”

Reporting directly to Berman, Howitt will oversee the marketing strategy of the global group and will work closely with all executives to enhance the group’s brand awareness and strategic messaging. Howitt will be responsible for the creative direction and development of the company’s marketing efforts, including brand strategy, new product design requirements, client experience related to daily operations and special events, and oversight of all design related to print and online presence.

Howitt previously served as the vice president, Sales & Marketing of Fluxwerx Illumination Inc., which he also co-founded. Howitt also has more than 30 years’ experience in the lighting industry and has developed deeply entrenched relationships with the specification community and agency sales force across North America. At Fluxwerx, Howitt was responsible for strategy and development of all sales-related activities and the leadership of marketing, product development, and the management and motivation of a world-class network of more than 90 independent representative sales agencies across North America.

“Having led Fluxwerx’s sales and marketing strategy, Lance has been instrumental to the stellar success of the brand,” Souvay notes. “His contributions have made Fluxwerx a strong leader in its segment and his input and experience will be a tremendous asset to our agents, distributors and clients on multiple levels.”

Howitt is a former recipient of an LC designation bestowed by the National Council for the Qualification of Lighting Professionals (NCQLP) and has been active member of the IESNA and involved with the IALD Education Trust. Howitt has also been a member of the EnOcean Wireless Alliance in the North America that set the standards for development of wireless building automation and controls. In addition, Howitt has been the chairperson and lead sponsor of the Vancouver League for Studies in Architecture, as well as a judge of the International Illumination Design Awards (IIDA).

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