Luminaires Offered with Wireless Lighting Controls

Luminis has announced a wide range of its luminaires will now be offered with nLight AIR wireless lighting controls.

Luminis has announced a wide range of its luminaires will now be offered with nLight AIR wireless lighting controls.

nLight from Acuity Brands is a distributed, intelligent digital lighting controls platform with wired or wireless options that feature advanced technologies to meet the demand for functionality and occupant convenience while reducing energy consumption.

The nLight AIR wireless solution simplifies design and installation by embedding sensors directly into luminaires and providing a seamless connection to the nLight network. Lighting design is simplified by requiring fewer devices, making installation and space reconfiguration easier when using nLight-enabled luminaires while eliminating the challenges of onsite interoperability.

Lighting designers and architects can choose nLight AIR technology across several Luminis families, including the award-winning Syrios, Maya and Lumistik. The platform allows Luminis’ luminaires to communicate with other nLight-enabled devices, such as dimmers, switches and occupancy sensors—indoors and out. A digital network can be created.

Designed to function as a standalone (one-room solution) or networked across an entire campus, the nLight AIR platform is ideal for renovations and new construction projects.

Products with the nLight AIR wireless control lighting option are:

  • Syrios (SY305, SY605, SY805)
  • Syrios Square (SQ405, SQ605, SQ805)
  • Aramis (AR160, AR162, AR164, AR166, AR168, AR170)
  • Prisma (PR1280, PR1282, PR1285, PR1287, PR1680, PR1685, PR1682, PR1687, PR1691, PR1696, PR2280, PR2285, PR2282, PR2287)
  • Hollowcore (HC1600, HC1605)
  • Maya (MA10-PMA, MA20, MA50)
  • Multilux (MU11, MU12, MU13, MU22, MU23)
  • Eclipse Mini (EC600, EC601, EC602, EC603, EC610, EC611, EC612, EC613, EC640, EC641, EC642, EC643)
  • Eclipse Maxi (EC800, EC801, EC802, EC803, EC810, EC811, EC812, EC813, EC840, EC841, EC842, EC843, EC869, EC870, EC871)
  • Lumistik (CL622, CL642, CL672, CL626, CL646, CL676, CL620, CL621, CL640, CL670, CL822, CL842, CL872, CL826, CL846, CL876, CL820, CL821, CL840, CL870)
  • Scirocco (SR115, SR215, SR135, SR315, SR365, SR620)
  • Bellevue (BVA21, BVA31, BVA32, BVG21, BVG31, BVG32, BVS21, BVS33)
  • Lumiquad (LQ420, LQ421, LQ440, LQ620, LQ640, LQ641, LQ670)

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