Macro Grid Initiative and NEMA Co-Sponsors Virtual Summit

The Macro Grid Initiative and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has co-sponsored the U.S. Congressional Grid Innovation Caucus’ two-day virtual summit, Microgrids to a Macro Grid: A Modern Electric Grid for a Modern Economy. During the four 90-minute sessions, panelists covered key aspects of grid modernization, including interregional transmission, electric vehicles, microgrids, and cybersecurity.

“Achieving a truly connected 21st Century-worthy national Macro Grid represents enormous economic, social, and security benefits for our country. But when contemplating what may be the most complex system yet built by humankind, we know its systematic modernization will not be easy, fast or inexpensive,” says NEMA President and CEO Kevin J. Cosgriff during the summit’s closing remarks.

“As for economic challenges: market-based solutions will resolve and tried, and true, laws of supply and demand will work in time. The highest valued technologies – meaning most useful at a fair price – will win out for the public betterment. The cybersecurity challenge is daunting. While impossible to eliminate, equipment manufacturers and bulk power companies are forcefully mitigating the threats substantially.”

“We need the regulatory framework that will allow the market to sort out the economics, better-permitting laws to facilitate interconnection and grid stability, and policies that allow for cost recovery for modern grid investments. NEMA Members are made up of people eager to work constructively with the government to build a better, electrified future for America,” Cosgriff adds.

The summit showcased how expansion and renovation of our nation’s electrical transmission network will make the power system more reliable, resilient, cleaner, and secure while bringing costs down for consumers. Speakers included Congressmen Bob Latta, Jerry McNerney, and Scott Peters, as well as representatives from American Council on Renewable Energy, Covington & Burling LLP, Grid Strategies LLC, Holy Cross Energy, Macro Grid Initiative, NGI Consulting: NextGen Highways, Schneider Electric, and the Undersecretary of Energy for Massachusetts.

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