MacroAir Partners With Aeratron to Distribute Gearless Fans

MacroAir has partnered with Aeratron to distribute its line of Energy Star rated fans for commercial and residential applications. Aeratron’s design, components, and performance align with MacroAir’s mission to provide powerful, cost-effective cooling solutions. With the partnership in place, MacroAir now offers gearless fans in sizes ranging from 4 to 24 feet.
Aeratron’s design provides features including a patented self-balancing system that reduces wobble and vibration effects. The fan is efficient, using 10% of the energy consumed by a conventional ceiling fan. Additional features include a blade design that minimizes noise, a radio frequency remote control with six-speeds, reverse functionality and light control. Aeratron fans are easy to install.
“The Aeratron product line compliments our gearless line of industrial HVLS fans, as it increases our presence in smaller commercial applications where the customer is looking for performance and efficiency,” said Barry Warner, president of MacroAir.
Aeratron is available in two models: AE2 (two blades) and AE3 (three blades) and comes with three size options: 43”, 50” and 60”. Both models are available in light oak, dark walnut, platinum, midnight black and arctic white.

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