Marvin and Integrity Expand Mulling Capabilities and Options for Window Walls

To help builders address the challenges associated with meeting increased market demand for window walls and large-scale areas of glass, Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors are rolling out expanded mulling capabilities and options. This assortment of products and accessories streamline the building process, allowing for larger certified window assemblies and greater expanses of glass, while solving common pain points for architects, builders and dealers.

“Window walls are a popular design statement, but the process of navigating codes, placing orders and installing these mulled assemblies can be challenging and time-consuming for builders,” says Kris Hanson, senior manager, product management at The Marvin Family of Brands. “Our expanded range of products and accessories will ease this process by offering AAMA 450 certification and factory-prepped solutions for on-site assembly. These advances will allow architects and builders to tackle window wall designs with confidence, while delivering the sightlines desired by building owners.”

Mulling Solutions from Marvin Windows and Doors

Few competitors carry the varied mulling options available from Marvin, including certified standard, reinforced, stud pocket and space mulls, along with accessories and field mull kits. Now, Marvin is expanding its high performance line with a number of factory-prepped mulling solutions that simplify the process and helps builders, architects and dealers avoid common pitfalls, manage projects and answer client questions.

  • Narrow Frame (Contemporary) 3/8-inch MRF: This 3/8-inch aluminum mull reinforcement adds strength and structure to the Marvin Contemporary Studio line of products, helping professionals stay on trend with the narrow sightlines preferred by design professionals.
  • Standard Full Frame 3/8-inch MRF: This 3/8-inch aluminum mull reinforcement for full-frame jambs has been redesigned and upgraded, making it 25 percent stronger for larger certified assemblies with the same narrow mull aesthetic.
  • Expanded AAMA 450-Certified Assemblies: Through its new mull reinforcements, Marvin can offer more and larger-scale American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 450-certified window assemblies across its portfolio, making large expanses of glass achievable.
  • Prep for Field Mull: Starting mid-2018, window walls that are too large to be shipped fully assembled will arrive in pre-prepped sub-assemblies. Mull components that can be applied in-factory will come completely installed, while any additional components will be cut-to-length and included with the order. This factory-prepped mulling solution comes with step-by-step instructions and allows builders to assemble AAMA 450-certified window walls on the job site.
  • Readily Available Performance Grade Information: Architects and builders can now find all certified mull Performance Grade (PG) ratings in the mulling section of the Marvin “Architectural Detail Manual (ADM).” This spring, customers will have the option to print PG information in quotes and/or line item summaries for their order. This will eliminate confusion by detailing and listing different certified assembly configurations in one place and take the guesswork out of identifying which products are certified and what additional structure is needed to complete a project.

Mulling Solutions from Integrity Windows and Doors

  • Wood-Ultrex Certified Mulls: Integrity has produced AAMA 450-certified mulls for its All Ultrex fiberglass product line since 2014 and is expanding its capabilities to the Wood-Ultrex collection. As a result, architects and builders have the flexibility to install certified Integrity mulls that are All Ultrex, Wood-Ultrex or both, while meeting performance requirements for residential or commercial projects.

In addition to the expanded line of mulling products and accessories, all Marvin customers will continue to receive support from the Marvin Architectural Services team. This group of technical, commercial and architectural specialists can provide insight around design solutions, estimates, drafting, structural consulting, and project management; guiding a project from concept to completion.

For more information on The Marvin Family of Brands, including its range of mulls, mulling accessories and tools, visit the website.

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