Marvin Partners with Halio to Bring Smart Tinting to Windows and Doors

Marvin has signed an agreement with Halio Inc., developer and manufacturer of Halio smart-tinting glass. This partnership allows Marvin and Halio to bring smart glass to the residential construction market by offering homeowners the window and door products Marvin is known for with the glazing solution of Halio.

“We are truly committed to wellbeing at Marvin, focused on providing solutions that support happier and healthier living through maximizing light, air and views in new ways,” says Paul Marvin, CEO. “This partnership is the newest in a series of product introductions designed for emerging ways of living. We’ve long anticipated a complete smart glass solution for the residential market and Halio, the technology leader in architectural smart glass, is delivering just that. We could not be more excited to partner to bring this advanced technology to architects and building professionals who design for homeowner wellbeing.”

AHalio combines electrochromic technologies with a secure, easy-to-integrate cloud-based system, enabling glass to tint automatically or on command. Critically, Halio achieves its darkest shade in just three minutes, adapting to changes in light through smooth transitions that culminate in a neutral color when tinted. With the ability to respond to a rapidly changing environment, Halio maximizes the amount of natural light coming into a space while keeping out excessive heat and glare. Ultimately, Halio allows for a more comfortable environment and supports health and wellbeing indoors while achieving the highest levels of energy efficiency.

Through its new joint partnership with Halio, Marvin will bring this technology into an entirely new residential application, whereas previously it was only available in commercial construction. As a result, homeowners can expect to realize a more harmonic connection to the outdoors, with Halio delivering on both form and function to ensure a clutter-free, controlled indoor lighting experience.

“Halio has spent years developing the world’s most responsive, intelligent platform for daylight management. We’ve realized a solution that integrates all the necessary attributes to finally go mainstream, and now that we have it, the smart glass market is at a long-awaited inflection point,” says Halio CEO Bruce Sohn. “Marvin is the perfect partner to collaborate with to develop the high-performing products that will introduce residential consumers to the transformational benefits—comfort, natural light and gorgeous design—of smart glass for the first time.”

Marvin takes a human-centered approach to innovation, studying the evolution of living in the home to provide people-first products and solutions. As a result, recent products introduced to its broad portfolio of windows and doors include Marvin Skycove, an immersive glass alcove, and Marvin Awaken Skylight, a smart skylight. These solutions offer homeowners new opportunities for improved indoor experiences. The addition of smart glass expands the company’s offerings, providing even more solutions for modern living.

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