MasterSpec Lighting Sections are Updated

ARCOM is pleased to announce that the lighting sections of MasterSpec have been updated to better reflect the technologies and products available to engineers and lighting designers.

The former lighting sections attempted to cover every lighting application and luminaire type. This approach made the sections large and cumbersome to edit and update. The sections have been updated as follows:

    Section 265100 “Interior Lighting” was split into the following six sections:
    Section 265113 “Incandescent Interior Lighting”
    Section 265116 “Fluorescent Interior Lighting”
    Section 265119 “LED Interior Lighting”
    Section 265123 “HID Exterior Lighting”
    Section 265219 “Emergency and Exit Lighting”
    Section 265561 “Theatrical Lighting” (existing section)

    Section 265600 “Exterior Lighting” was split into the following five sections:
    Section 265613 “Lighting Poles and Standards”
    Section 265617 “Fluorescent Exterior Lighting”
    Section 265619 “LED Exterior Lighting”
    Section 265621 “HID Exterior Lighting”
    Section 265668 “Exterior Athletic Lighting” (existing section)

“Keeping in mind that simplicity is valued in both engineering and writing, it was decided to title the sections by technology and classification,” says Michael Heinsdorf, P.E., LEED AP, CDT, MasterSpec Engineering Specification Writer. “Note that there will be exceptions to this practice, such as luminaires used for rough or classified service, emergency and exit lighting, and luminaire support, which are or will be addressed by separate sections.”

Splitting the sections allows engineers the most flexibility when specifying lighting and also allows MasterSpec to withdraw or add lighting sections as older technology is phased out or as newer technology, such as OLEDs, matures and is adopted by the building industry. This makes the sections much more manageable.

Learn more about the lighting update.

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