MaxLite LED Spot Light Receives DLC Horticultural Qualified Products List Approval

MaxLite announced the PhotonMax LED Spot Light has been approved to the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Horticultural Qualified Products List.

Eight SKUs from the product series (PH-GH360, PH-GH600) are now listed to the Horticultural Qualified Products List, which may be viewed on the DLC website.

“MaxLite is focused on developing products that meet the highest standards in performance and quality, and our LED Spot Light fixture being the first product approved to the DLC Horticulture Qualified Products List is a direct result of those efforts,” says Paul Gray, senior director of horticulture sales. “DLC continues to be the central resource for the lighting industry and utilities in designing energy efficient lighting incentive programs, and a key indicator for lighting purchasers seeking high-performing products. MaxLite is working closely with utilities to identify and market rebate opportunities that will speed the time to ROI for growers wishing to optimize crop production through advanced lighting technologies.”

“We want to congratulate MaxLite for having the first product on our horticultural lighting Qualified Products List, the PhotonMax LED Spot Light,” DLC Executive Director Christina Halfpenny says. “Horticultural lighting represents one of the fastest growing electric load categories in many regions of North America, and there is tremendous opportunity to capture these energy savings. The DLC is pleased to provide a tool that can help mitigate energy load for this emerging industry.”

The first in a range of high-performance LED grow lights designed to optimize crop production in greenhouses and other controlled horticulture applications, the PhotonMax LED Spot Light can match applications where a traditional 1000W HID fixture is used, but in a smaller form factor that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Emitting up to 1,358 µmol/s with electrical efficiency (up to 2.3 µmol/J), the LED Spot Light produces light using 40-50 percent less energy than conventional HID light sources. The Spot Light is available in PPFs of 714-790 µmol/s (360W) or 1,233-1,358 µmol/s (600W), and four spectra tailored to achieve better yields in a variety of crop types.

For more information about the PhotonMax LED Spot Light, visit online.

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