MaxLite Offers a 10-year Warranty for Its Scalable Outdoor Luminaire

MaxLite offers a 10-year warranty for QuadroMAX, a universal, scalable outdoor luminaire.

“MaxLite is committed to offering our customers superior service and support,” notes vice president of Product Management and Engineering Greg Galluccio. “This warranty further demonstrates MaxLite’s confidence in the quality and performance of our products, as well as our long-term commitment to our customers.”

QuadroMAX makes it possible to light an entire outdoor project using just one product. The LED luminaire can be customized for virtually any type of outdoor lighting application by applying one of eight different mounting arms to a universal body to create a Canopy, Area, Flood or Wall Pack luminaire. With QuadroMAX, an entire project can be specified using the same body design for a clean, cohesive look throughout the space.

An energy-efficient replacement for traditional HID fixtures, QuadroMAX is offered in five power levels (55, 80, 105, 135 and 160 watts) and three NEMA distributions (Type III, Type IV and Type V) to meet any outdoor lighting need. In any configuration, QuadroMAX achieves efficacy of more than 110 lumens per watt. QuadroMAX can scale up or down in size to match the application and overall project design, allowing customers to meet their lighting needs in the most cost effective way. Although it is designed to be as cost effective as possible, QuadroMAX uses quality components and excellent thermal dissipation properties to achieve superior efficacy throughout its 100,000-hour lifetime.

“We are excited to add a new level of value and assurance for customers who purchase QuadroMAX,” says product manager Francisco Garza.

Mounting options for the QuadroMAX include canopy, pole mount, slipfitter adjustable knuckle, fixed slipfitter, wall pack, swivel trunnion, adjustable surface and fixed surface. The fixture is available with 120-277V or 347/480V dimming drivers, and includes a 20KV surge suppressor to help protect its driver during power surges. Any fixture can be customized to order to include a motion sensor and photocontrol receptacle.

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