MBMA Releases Revised Environmental Product Declarations for Three Metal Building Categories

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released revised environmental product declarations (EPDs) for three metal building product categories: primary rigid framing, secondary framing, and metal cladding for roofs and walls. These resources are valid for five years and are updates to the original MBMA EPDs released in 2016.

“The MBMA EPDs provide specifiers, designers and other industry professionals with transparent, third-party documentation of the environmental impacts of products used in metal building systems,” notes Tony Bouquot, MBMA’s general manager. “These industry-average reports can be used by all MBMA members to show compliance with LEED and other high performance energy programs.”

MBMA partnered with UL Environment to develop and certify these EPDs, which summarize the cradle-to-gate environmental impacts of a metal building system. The cradle-to-gate method is used to describe the impact of producing products, from raw material extraction, through processing, fabrication and up to the finished product leaving the manufacturing facility.

EPDs are based on Product Category Rules (PCRs) used to develop a life cycle analysis (LCA) final report, which is summarized in the EPDs. The MBMA LCA was recently updated in partnership with the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute. The U.S. Green Building Council LEED version 4.1 green building rating system encourages the use of EPDs, which can be used to earn credits in the program.

The MBMA EPDs, LCA and additional resources about the sustainability of metal building systems are available at MBMA’s website.

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