Metal Buildings Institute Releases Insulation Training Module

Keith Wentworth, Metal Buildings Institute (MBI) president, announced a revised Insulation module has been added to the Quality and Craftsmanship Training Series. The 11-module series is available at, located under the Products drop-down tab as Quality and Craftsmanship 101. The updated Module 5, Insulation, replaces the Fiberglass Insulation module from the original series. Additionally, the Insulation module is now available at the same location as a standalone product, Quality and Craftsmanship 103.
The Quality and Craftsmanship 101 videos were created by MBI with assistance from the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) for use in the training and development of new metal building assemblers. The training series is offered in both English and Spanish.
“The Insulation module covers the terminology associated with insulation, how fiberglass insulation works, and why we use it in metal buildings,” reports Tim Seyler, module narrator and past MBI president. “We’ll introduce you to several different types of insulation specifically designed for metal buildings. You’ll learn about additional materials that are needed to properly insulate a metal building and the safe and proper way to handle insulation for metal buildings.” Testing and certification is available for each series.
MBI has granted MBCEA members FREE access to the original 11-module series. For information on how to access these benefits contact Sasha Demyan at [email protected]. Learn more about MBCEA membership.

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