Metroflor Corp. Announces CEU Course About Biophilic Design

Metroflor Corp. has announced that its second Continuing Education Unit (CEU) course has become available online at AEC Daily. The one-hour program, Biophilic Design & Resilient Flooring, has been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education, the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and USGBC and carries 0.1 CEU (continuing education unit) or 1 LU (learning unit) of credit. Its CEU, Sustainable Attributes of LVT Flooring, is also available online at AEC Daily.

Metroflor collaborated with Sonja Bochart of Shepley Bulfinch, Biophilia expert and consultant to Metroflor, to develop the CEU. Biophilic Design & Resilient Flooring reflects its immersion in Biophilic Design as an influence in the creation of its LVT product lines. The philosophy stems from the notion of Biophilia, humankind’s innate connection with the natural world. Biophilia explains why certain natural occurrences captivate us, enhance our creativity or provide restorative effects. When applied to the built environment, Biophilia also defines aspects of nature that most impact and advance occupants’ health, fitness, and wellbeing. This course will provide an overview of the basic principles of Biophilic design and focus on how resilient flooring specifications can support its expression in commercial design projects.

Robert Langstaff, Metroflor director of design says, “Biophilic design establishes a framework for satisfying the need to experience nature in the built environment. At Metroflor, we are applying many of its principles to extend our design vision and capability within LVT.”

Based on the learning objectives, participants will be able to:

  • Define biophilic design and list some specific ways to implement it into a space
  • Explain the benefits of using biophilic design in commercial spaces
  • Enumerate the key pattern categories in biophilic design
  • Determine the strategies and considerations for using the biophilic design patterns to achieve desired results
  • Explain how resilient flooring specification can support biophilic design

Rick Taylor, project manager for the development of the CEU states, “The sensory benefits of the natural world and the spirituality that comes with it can be empowering. I am excited for the prospect that our CEU course will inspire architects, interior designers, and everyone connected with the built environment to encompass these theories and make a positive difference in people’s lives and the communities we live in.”

“The Biophilic Design CEU course explores this topic and provides actual tools that attendees can incorporate into the indoor environment,” says Rochelle Routman, Metroflor chief sustainability officer. “The response of the course attendees has been excellent. We expect that this course will grow in popularity as it is applicable to all those in the building design and construction industry, as well as those who select indoor furnishings.”

Metroflor has already begun to offer this course as a face-to-face presentation for credit to staff at architectural and interior design firms in major North American markets. Over 200 people have participated to date, in addition to 40 others who have taken the course online at AEC Daily. Its entire commercial sales team has been certified to present the program, as well as some of its distributor-partners. Kristin Kubala, architectural representative for Aspecta distributor, Reader’s Wholesale Distributors, recently gave the CEU to a group of architects and designers at Gensler in Houston. Kubala states, “It is sometimes difficult to capture the attention of the design community with a continuing education course. The Biophilic Design CEU by Metroflor does just that! Its content keeps audiences engaged and willing to participate, which in turn makes presenting it enjoyable.”

Visit online for more information about Biophilic Design & Resilient Flooring or to schedule a CEU or contact us at [email protected].

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