Mexican Consortium Acquires CertainTeed’s Fiber Cement Division

Elementia, a Mexican consortium of industrial and construction companies, which include the manufacture of fiber cement roofing and siding products, announced its acquisition of the fiber cement division of CertainTeed Corp.

The new brand, which will be called Allura, will fall as a subsidiary of Plycem USA Inc., under the Elementia Group umbrella, which has been manufacturing fiber cement, concrete and metals in the building industry for more than 75 years.

Allura features 28 signature colors, plus primed and sealed panels that can be painted any color. With an unlimited color palette, builders will be able to customize the possibilities of design, texture and personal style. “We believe builders and homeowners deserve more choices in the marketplace,” says Jessica L . Navascues, CEO Fiber Cement Divisions. “Allura is poised to add a beautiful, quality layer to our siding division and help us build strong relationships with our customers, provide quality products and ensure that our inventory is delivered on time, when our customers need it most.”

The benefits to this brand are not only the beauty of the product, but its fade-resistant quality, designed to withstand the most brutal of weather conditions and offer homeowners a low-maintenance siding option. When beauty, advanced durability and authentic looking grain is important to a design, Allura will be able to keep up with the demand, making the world a more beautiful place.

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