Meyda Custom Lighting Installs Equipment to Expand Custom Lighting Capabilities

Meyda Custom Lighting has acquired and installed new manufacturing equipment to expand its custom lighting capabilities.
An laser-cutting machine provides a platform and production tool that reduces cycle time and speeds up processes. Using CNC technology, the laser is suitable for cutting a wide range of thin, medium and thick gauge metals including copper, brass, steel, and aluminum. Capabilities include cutting grids, straight lines, and contours, as well as piercing metals, resulting in custom-crafted metal cutouts, components, decorative accents and filigree, as well as an array of new designs and perforated diffuser materials. The finished metals are used as decorative accents, scrollwork and components for custom lighting fixtures, from the diminutive to grand-scale masterworks.
“Upgrading our fabrication equipment, we have been able to expand our manufacturing capabilities which translates into a broader range of custom lighting design and engineering,” explains Meyda Lighting Production Manager Chester Cohen. “In addition, we can perform these production processes with more efficiency which will decrease lead times over the long-term.”
The new equipment and technologies will help fulfill custom orders on interior and exterior specification-based lighting for residential, hospitality and commercial projects. Meyda artisans form metals into a variety of shapes, sizes and styles used for luxurious chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants, lamps and other luminaires.
“The beauty of the custom lighting business is the continuous integration of technology with expert craftsmanship in our manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York at the foothills of the great Adirondack Mountains,” explains Robert Cohen, president of Meyda. “Our equipment enables us to expand our production capabilities and expedite custom lighting orders to meet our customers’ specifications.”
In addition to custom lighting fabrication, Meyda offers contract metal cutting capabilities to meet the production needs of various types of manufacturers that build their products in the U.S.
Decorative lighting can be produced in any size; no fixture is too large. Scale and proportion are optimized by integrating design with illuminance to meet customers’ aesthetic vision and functional requirements, whether it’s a one of a kind piece or a complete theme.

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