Miasolé and Virte Solar Enter into a Representation Agreement

Virte Solar in Finland has entered into a representation agreement with Miasolé. In 2016, Virte Solar will represent Miasolé in the Scandinavian market. Virte Solar will immediately begin shipping advanced building-integrated solar roofing systems in the entire Scandinavian region, including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Virte Solar will provide services for such areas as industrial, residential and agricultural construction, as well as renovation projects.

Virte Solar’s building-integrated photovoltaic metal roofing uses MiaSolé FLEX modules, efficient thin-film lightweight flexible modules with an efficiency rating of more than 16 percent. The low weight of the module (less than 0.6 pounds per square foot) allows installation on roofs that cannot support the weight of traditional glass solar panels. The MiaSolé FLEX-02 Series module is IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 and UL 1703 certified.

The Virte Solar BIPV roofing product is a technologically advanced, lightweight and aesthetic solution virtually immune to wind and snow loads. Virte Solar roofing can be installed in many locations where traditional silicon panel technology cannot be employed.

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