Microprocessor Controls are Available on Greenheck Preconditioners

New microprocessor controls can now be specified on Greenheck energy core ventilator model ECV and energy recovery ventilator models ERV and ERVe. Each microprocessor is factory-programmed, wired and tested prior to shipment and includes a configurable code for field adjustments and stand-alone control.

The microprocessor unit features an LCD display, built-in keypad, seven-day time clock, BMS communication in BACnet MSTP or IP or Modbus RTU or IP, and built-in frost and economizer controls. Numerous supply and exhaust fan modulation sequences are possible when selected with Vari-Green electronically commutated (EC) motors or variable frequency drives (VFDs). A web user interface allows viewing of the unit and control directly from a web browser. With an Ethernet connection from the unit to the facilities network, a graphic display allows for monitoring and control of the unit without a BMS.

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