MillerClapperton Opens Fabrication Facility in Arizona

Engineered facade subcontractor MillerClapperton announced the opening of its fabrication facility in Mesa, Ariz. The expansion is in response to the premium fabricating and installing firm’s continued national growth and its new location further increases its footprint across the West Coast.

“The addition of our fabrication facility in Arizona will further strengthen our long-term commitment to our growing customer base on the West Coast, which is a strategic priority for us,” says Zeke Miller, president of MillerClapperton.

MillerClapperton’s new fabrication facility is located in Mesa, just outside of Phoenix on 419 east Juanita Avenue. Sandy Wright, Production manager for MillerClapperton West and Sergey Drotenko, Shop Foreman, prepared the fabrication building in October and will be responsible for its growth, operations, people and strategy. “Initially, the site will be a fabrication-only facility for panels,” Wright says. “As business grows, we’ll expand our footprint in Arizona accordingly.”

Greg Samples, operations manager for MillerClapperton, notes that “Sandy and Sergey bring decades of service and leadership to our West Coast operations. I’m proud of the fact that we have the right people and equipment to be just as successful out west as we have been in the southeast and east coast.”

The AXYZ machine which will fabricate new MCM (metal composite material) and HPL (high pressure laminate) panels is now fully operational and, according to Samples who supervised the move, the set-up was completed flawlessly and on time. “We now have everything we need to fabricate panels in Arizona today for the benefit of our new and existing customers out west,” Samples says.

The new facility will be most useful for roofers, glaziers and panel installers particularly in California, Arizona and surrounding states as MillerClapperton can quickly and expertly provide engineered and fabricated MCM and HPL panels to the region.

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