Mitsubishi Electric Makes Changes to Its Diamond Contractor Program

Mitsubishi Electric US Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric) announces changes to its Diamond Contractor program effective Jan. 1, 2016. Mitsubishi Electric unveiled the new enhancements to attendees at its recent Diamond Contractor Conference in Las Vegas. Currently, nearly 3,000 HVAC contractors from across the U.S. participate in the program, which is a network of certified split-ductless HVAC contractors in the country.

Program changes include a new tiered system to recognize three levels of achievement: Diamond Contractor, Preferred Diamond Contractor and Elite Diamond Contractor. “For the last two and a half years, we’ve been working to establish a tiered program,” says John Wright, sales manager of contractor development, Mitsubishi Electric US Inc. Cooling & Heating Division. “The goal is to give consumers quality service and our Diamond Contractors exceptional tools and resources to sell our products.”

Several criteria are included in each new contractor classification, such as the tracking of warranty registrations for each system a contractor purchases, as well as five performance indicators: marketing, training, service, sales and customer satisfaction.

Contractors who have earned a Diamond Contractor level can advertise to consumers using that tier’s logo, for example, in advertising or on a truck wrap. Contractors will also have the chance to move up in search results on the Mitsubishi Comfort website and their listings will display icons/badges associated with their offerings, such as financing.

“We are excited about these enhancements to the Diamond Contractor program,” says Mike Smith, senior manager, residential marketing, Mitsubishi Electric US Inc. Cooling & Heating Division. “As the first split-ductless manufacturer in the U.S. to launch this type of program, we’ve nurtured a loyal group of excellent contractors. As our technology gains acceptance, it’s important that we continue to recognize our Diamond Contractors by offering enhanced benefits that we know will appeal to their customers.”

Diamond Contractors are independent dealers who have invested time in training at an approved instructional center and have a high level of experience working with Mitsubishi Electric systems. Customers can be confident of full warranty protection and unmatched performance by purchasing their Mitsubishi Electric system from a Diamond Contractor. “The top HVAC distributors in the industry carry these products and, working with them, Mitsubishi Electric has assembled the most prestigious and knowledgeable network of HVAC contractors, its Diamond Contractors, to provide customers with the finest sales, installation and service support possible,” says Smith.

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