Mobile App for LEED Documentation and Verification

Trident Sustainability Group (TRG) has launched the Green Badger Mobile LEED Documentation App, a mobile application for LEED documentation and verification. Green Badger can manage multiple projects at the same time and has always the current project status available. The app provides LEED documentation in the power of the hand, with instant verification capabilities.

V1 (version 1 of Green Badger) is geared toward documenting LEED construction credits to assist general contractors and LEED professionals working on projects seeking LEED certification. The app allows users to create the Erosion Sedimentation Control inspection reports, manage and track the project’s construction waste with real time reporting, track all materials credits (MR3-7), document IAQ Management techniques and generate reports for LEED backup, and instantaneously verify VOC contents of thousands of sealants, adhesives, and paints simply by scanning the UPC code, right from a smartphone or tablet. Both iOS and Android devices are supported by the Green Badger app.

Green Badger takes out the guessing if a product complies with the requirements of Low Emitting Products credits in the LEED rating system, and eliminates trying to read the fine print or download MSDS sheets hours later after visiting the project site. Just by scanning the barcode on the product label, the VOC content pops up in seconds, along with MSDS sheets that can be used immediately for the necessary LEED documentation. Green Badger will be integrated with LEED Online, and users will be able to upload all the information directly to LEED Online, right from the phone for the creation of the necessary documentation.

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