Monitor Hot-water Usage of Tankless Water Heaters with BMS

Having a way to control and monitor hot-water usage creates efficiencies for business leaders and facility managers but is often critical to keeping businesses’ doors open. That’s why Rinnai has launched the Building Management System (BMS) Gateway, a new product that will provide commercial and vertical markets a software system used to remotely control and monitor Rinnai Commercial Tankless Water Heaters.

Whether using the optional Touch Screen User Interface that acts as an enhanced controller or working directly through the BMS Gateway, businesses can remotely turn tankless water heaters on or off, adjust water temperature, monitor flow rates, operation hours and more. The BMS Gateway and Touch Screen User Interface also allows up to 15 view-only parameters, such as water-flow rates, combustion cycles, operation hours and error code history.

Businesses can pair up to six Rinnai Commercial Condensing Water Heaters per BMS Gateway, with up to four gateways per network, for a maximum of 24 tankless units connected thereby enabling greater reach. Additionally, the BMS Gateway works with Rinnai CU199 and CU160 condensing tankless models and uses BACnet, Modbus or LonWorks communication protocols.

Businesses can upgrade their tankless water heaters to include the BMS Gateway or install a whole new system and save thousands in acquisition, maintenance and energy costs. Rinnai tankless units offer precise load tracking, so the amount of energy consumed is directly correlated to the amount of water heated at any given time versus having to heat and re-heat stored water with boilers and tanks.

The Rinnai Tankless Rack System comes in Wall-hanging or Freestanding configurations, includes factory assembled manifolds for gas and water that are tested and warrantied, provides built-in redundancy and can be combined with up to 24 units to provide 4.8 million Btu.

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