Monitor Structural Conditions

Resensys LLC's structural health detection systemResensys LLC's structural health detection system

Resensys LLC's structural health detection system

Resensys LLC’s structural health detection system

Resensys LLC’s real-time, comprehensive, wireless, low-cost and low-maintenance structural health detection system provides a tool for the early and efficient detection of structural changes. Whether some portion of the structure is overstrained or deformed, irreversible shifts or transformations can be detected with technology way ahead of an actual failure so that repairs, and/or adjustments, can be made.

Comprised of small, networked sensors installed strategically on a bridge or building, Resensys’ system monitors a broad range of factors, including strain, acceleration, vibration, displacement, deformation, tilt and inclination, temperature and humidity, to ensure that a structure is sound.

Each networked sensor quietly and continuously gathers data, after which it is aggregated and sent wirelessly to a data center, where it is continually analyzed.

When a structural issue is detected, alerts are sent out to maintenance or repair engineers at the first hint of a problem.

Resensys’ sensors can be energy self-sustained, drawing their own power from ambient light and radio waves, or battery-operated. Both types of sensors last, maintenance-free, for decades.

While structural health monitoring is core to Resensys’ product development, the company’s sensors are now being used for a far wider range of applications, including utilities and aviation.

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