Mounting Pad Simulates the Texture and Color of Gray Concrete

ArmorPad is an equipment mounting pad product line for air conditioning condensers.
ArmorPad is an equipment mounting pad product line for air conditioning condensers.

RectorSeal, Houston, has introduced the ArmorPad, an equipment mounting pad product line for residential and light commercial air conditioning condensers.

The ArmorPad is constructed of a dense foam core base enveloped in a shell of polymer on five sides that simulates the texture and color of gray concrete. The entire product line of 24-, 30-, 32-, 36-, and 40-inch-square by 3-inch-high models saves jobsite costs, because only one person is needed to transport and install it. For example, a 36-inch-square x 3-inch-high ArmorPad weighs 8 pounds.

ArmorPads also surpass durability tests, which prove the weight of a truck driving over it can’t crush it; drilling into it can’t crumble or crack the polymer shell; landscaping implements can’t spall the surface; and equipment weight of even the largest of residential condensers can’t indent or depress it.

The ArmorPad polymer shell is not sprayed on, but rather molded into a one-piece extrusion that’s compliant with ASTM D-2299 standard “Recommended Practice for Determining Relative Stain Resistance of Plastics.” The polymer surface perpetuates a new appearance because of its built-in resistance to UV degradation, coil cleaning chemicals, landscaping chemicals, weather and canine urine.

The ArmorPad also boasts a dense foam core, which minimizes permanent compression damage and holds anchors. The foam core bottom also features a foil-backing that resists moisture and an embedded chemical repellent that deters burrowing animals and insects.

Other ArmorPad features include:

  • Design and performance-tested in the field with contractor focus groups.
  • Designed for 90-percent of the industry’s condenser sizes of up to five-ton systems. Additional size introductions are planned in the future.
  • Ideal for retrofits where condenser replacements require a larger or new equipment mounting pad.
  • Can be secured onto and cantilevered out over smaller, but structurally-sound existing pads during retrofits.
  • Accepts and holds drilled-in hurricane clip anchors in high wind zones.
  • Available through most traditional wholesale HVAC/R distributors.

For additional information on the ArmorPad product line or other HVAC/R products from RectorSeal, visit the website.

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