MR16 Lamp Is Similar to Natural Light

Soraa's LED MR16 GU10 120V line voltage lampsSoraa's LED MR16 GU10 120V line voltage lamps

Soraa's LED MR16 GU10 120V line voltage lamps

Soraa’s LED MR16 GU10 120V line voltage lamps

Pushing the boundaries of high-performance LED lighting, Soraa launched its high color rendering LED MR16 GU10 120V line voltage lamps. Uniquely, the company has released a 10-degree spot version, as well as a 25-degree version that has a high center beam candle power. Now you can buy transformer-free, full visible spectrum Soraa LED lamps that render the widest range of colors in the objects that we see, without ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation.

The company’s harmonious, continuous full visible spectrum GaN on GaN LED MR16 lamps, with a CRI of 95 and R9 of 95, render deep reds and cyans dramatically and have no spectral “blue-peak”. And just like natural light, Soraa’s lamps contain violet light, which excites optical brightening agents present in fabrics and fibers and renders whites truly. The company’s lamps exceed color metrics of other LED lamps, without the manipulation of spectra that are commonly seen.

Soraa’s GaN on GaN LEDs pack a lot of light into a small area, emitting 10 times more light per unit area of LED material. As a result, the company’s lamps have a single light source that casts a perfect beam and a single clear shadow, bringing out textures and contrast to flawlessly illuminate any environment.

Soraa’s new MR16 GU10 lamps are compatible with a very wide range of dimmers, which the company has tested and characterized extensively through its Works with Soraa program. And the company’s novel heat-sink design and thermal management system make their lamps suitable for use in enclosed fixtures, damp locations and outdoor applications.

Soraa’s new MR16 GU10 10o lamp works with the company’s innovative magnetic attachment SNAP System, and the Premium 2 10-degree version of the lamp has a center beam candle power of 7120Cd and the 25o has 2140Cd—twice that of halogen.

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