Navien Training Academies Inform Contractors Before the Heating Season Arrives

Summer is a time for contractors to train and educate themselves on Navien products before the heating season arrives. Navien continues to innovate with product updates, contractor programs and new products, making Navien training important for any contractor to stay informed on Navien and include Navien as part of their business growth plan.

Navien Training Academies offer a variety of classes covering Navien tankless water heaters, combi-boilers, boilers, accessories and more. Contractors new to Navien can attend introductory classes covering the basics of Navien products. Advanced classes detailing wiring, piping, service, hands-on training and more are offered to those with previous Navien training.

Single-day or two-day classes are offered at the Navien Training Academies in California, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada. Each class at the Navien Training Academy includes a certificate of completion and a Navien parts kit of the attendee’s choosing.

For those unable to get to an academy training, field trainings are offered throughout the U.S. and Canada through its representative facilities, at several Navien wholesale locations and scheduled dedicated in-field trainings.

For additional information on the Navien Training Academies, visit the website. For training opportunities in your area or outside of the Navien Academies, visit online.

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