NCARB Updates Two Programs to Benefit Architects and Licensure Candidates

Architects and licensure candidates will benefit from updates to two programs: the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and the NCARB Certificate. Developed by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), these programs facilitate initial and reciprocal licensure across the United States.

“By streamlining the requirements and fees for our programs, we’re able to provide customers with flexibility and, over time, reduce the cost to licensure,” said NCARB President Dennis Ward, FAIA, NCARB. “The simplified fee structure is the result of process improvements at NCARB and the Board of Directors’ desire to make the path to licensure more accessible.”

Architectural Experience Program (AXP)
The Intern Development Program (IDP) will update to reflect six broad areas of architectural practice—and be renamed the Architectural Experience Program (AXP). These areas also align with the six new divisions of the Architect Registration Examination, slated to launch later this year. The AXP, which guides licensure candidates through the early stages of their career, will continue to require 3,740 hours.

The program will also feature a Portfolio option. With this alternative, professionals will have the opportunity to satisfy AXP requirements through an online portfolio. To be eligible for this option, applicants must have more than five years of experience working for an architect. Based on the average time it takes to complete the program, NCARB anticipates the new pricing will save new customers around $60

NCARB Certificate
The application fee for the NCARB Certificate will be reduced to $1,100, a $400 savings. Awarded by NCARB, the credential facilitates licensure across the United States. Certified architects also have access to free continuing education opportunities through NCARB’s Monograph Series.

NCARB will launch a new alternative to certification for foreign architects. To gain certification, eligible applicants will need to complete the AXP and pass the ARE, the national exam used to test a licensure candidate’s knowledge and skills.

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