NEMA Wins IEC 1906 Award

The officers of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have announced the winners of the 1906 Award. Among the IEC Technical Committee experts recognized this year is National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Director of International Standards, Ken Gettman, for his efforts in the harmonization of global standards.

“This award appropriately recognizes Ken for his expertise and hard work in standards development in the international arena,” says NEMA President and CEO Kevin J. Cosgriff. “His participation at the IEC highlights NEMA’s commitment to achieving acceptance of standards that assist member companies in whatever markets they wish to compete.”

Individuals also recognized for this award include NEMA Member Representatives Donald Barta of Rea Magnet Wire; Keith Goshia of VERTIV; Robert Kretschmann of Rockwell Automation; Robert Smith of Connector Mfg.; and David Stone of Eaton Power Systems.

The 1906 Award commemorates the foundation of the IEC and honors technical experts whose work is fundamental to the commission.

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