Neolith Reveals Plans to Expand Its Global Production and Accessibility of Sintered Stone

Neolith, manufactured by Spain-based company TheSize, will continue its global expansion with several key initiatives in 2018—including an added production line, showroom openings, and a new logistics warehouse, aimed to enhance support of its network of distributors, architects, designers and fabricators.

Neolith has changed the residential and commercial architectural design industry in North America and worldwide. Neolith pioneered luxury surfacing with characteristics unmatched by natural stone, for countertops, flooring, interior wall cladding, exterior facades and more. Neolith is now available in more than 80 countries and has achieved a sales increase of at least 40 percent year-over-year since 2011.

“The success of Neolith can be attributed to the resiliency, quality and characteristics of the material itself, but more importantly, to our partners around the globe who share a passion for innovation, service and design,” says Mar Esteve, director of marketing, TheSize. “As we expand in 2018, customer satisfaction and accessibility is more important than ever. We are always looking for ways to make the Neolith experience better, for our distributors, designers and their clients, and look forward to building on that this year and beyond.”

New Production Line

Its steady increase in sales and visibility in commercial and residential projects has prompted expansion of its production capacity. At its headquarters and manufacturing factory in Castellón, Spain, Neolith will start operating a fourth production line during the first quarter of 2018. This additional line, which will manufacture slabs in 3- and 6-millimeter thicknesses for furniture, flooring, interior cladding and exterior facades, with five kilns exclusively devoted to sintered stone.

Global Showroom Openings

With distribution locations in more than 80 countries and hundreds of metro showroom sites, Neolith is dedicated to customer accessibility and to shopping experiences. In 2018, the brand will celebrate openings of additional showrooms in cities around the world, including Madrid, Spain; Tokyo; and Ramallah, Palestine, with more locations planned throughout Europe, Latin American and Asia in the coming year. The showrooms will demonstrate design applications and will allow architects, designers, homeowners and building owners to experience the versatility and performance characteristics of Neolith over natural stone alternatives.

London Warehouse Opening

In addition to new showrooms, the 2018 opening of a Neolith logistics warehouse in London, England, will improve product accessibility and shipping lead times for some European markets. The proximity of the warehouse to shipping ports and to the high concentration of distributors throughout Western Europe provides a logistics advantage over the competition. Carrying a centralized stock of the most in-demand SKUs, the London warehouse opening is an expansion designed to open up storage space for distributors and result in better delivery times for projects.

In 2017, Neolith also opened a warehouse in Norfolk, Vir., to provide the same logistics benefits to the U.S. market and increased project demand, particularly on the East Coast.

With a growing network of distributors across the U.S. and Canada, the product is readily available across North America.

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