New Partnership Provides Performance for Concrete Floor Slabs

CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp., manufacturer of Rapid Set professional-grade cement products and Komponent shrinkage-compensating cement for concrete repairs and new construction projects, has announced a partnership with Concure Systems to provide performance in moisture protection and Komponent shrinkage-compensating jointless floor slabs.

Facilities specifying moisture sensitive floor coverings or seamless flooring systems can benefit from the best of both worlds, combining integral moisture mitigation, 90-95 percent fewer joints, and dimensional stability that prevents shrinkage-cracking, spalling and edge curling.

Integrating these two technologies allows the user to minimize or eliminate control joints and saw cutting, prevent joint related flooring failures, and eliminate topical moisture remediation systems. This solution can eliminate delamination concerns for moisture sensitive floor coverings or resinous floor systems and prevent reflective cracking and joint failures, all while improving operational efficiencies and overall aesthetics.

Specifying an integral concrete slab solution using Komponent and Concure means construction costs can be reduced, project timelines accelerated, and long-term maintenance costs minimized. These technologies offer complementary benefits and ensure performance in industrial, commercial, and institutional facility designs.

The Concure lifetime warranty for preventing moisture vapor emissions (MVE) challenges helps protect an owner’s capital investment and provides peace of mind for performance.

The CTS and Concure Systems teams are happy to assist with a cost comparison/value estimator for cast-in-place floor slab projects. Specification assistance is available upon request.

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